At My Rental Home Now you will have access to an experienced and dedicated property management team, knowing that you’re in great hands. This will make your experience as stress-free as possible from the start of your tenancy through to the exit inspection.

Below is some useful information and tenant forms/resources to help you along the way.

Apply for a Property

So, you’re interested in one of our properties for rent, you have inspected it and would like to apply, please complete our Rental Application form online at 2apply 

We provide a streamlined application with updates to you through each stage of the process.  We aim to have a final response back to you within 48 hours.

Apply for a Pet

If you are applying for a rental and you have any type of pet, then you will need to fill out a Pet Application Form to go with your Rental Application.  Or if you are looking at adopting a pet during a tenancy, then please speak to us first as we will need to check if the property is pet friendly first.  If it is, then you will need to fill a Pet Application Form and we will seek approval from the owner prior to you getting the pet.  Each new pet will need approval before moving in.

RTA Pocket Guide

This guide sets out the rights and responsibilities of a tenant and provides handy hints for you from the start of your tenancy to the vacate.  It is required by Law that you receive a copy from us at the start of your tenancy. 

Maintenance Request

Need to report a repair?  All repair issues need to  be in writing to our office and this can be done by emailing to or alternatively, you can fill in and submit the maintenance request form to us. Please note if it is an emergency and the office is closed, then refer to your lease for the emergency contact details or simply check the emergency contact list we have listed separately below.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance 

The attached user instructions explains why your alarm may be sounding and easy ways to maintain to minimise the possibility of false alarms occurring.

Emergency Repairs Contacts

For urgent rental repairs, please contact the following companies:


Reliance Locksmiths 

0488 341 162


Hughes Plumbing 

0406 288 142


North Lakes Plumbing 

0418 797 940


Kymor Electrical Services

0411 451 697


North Lakes Electrical

0411 776 551

PLEASE NOTE: Before calling any of the above, please make sure it is an emergency.  If it is deemed a non-emergency, you may be held liable for the extra costs involved.

For all non-urgent property maintenance matters, please contact

Ending your Tenancy

You have decided that you want to vacate the property that you are currently in?  We will try and make this process as painless as possible.

Below are forms and information sheets you will need along the way.  Please remember that under the lease terms you will need to give minimum 14 days’ notice if you are coming to end of your fixed term lease or on a periodic lease.  If you are still currently in a lease and may be looking to break the lease, then please contact the property manager and they will help you through this process.

Forms can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF. (Download Adobe Reader for free)