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Smoke Alarms – Tenant Responsibilities

At My Rental Home Now, we understand one of the easiest ways to protect our family and loved ones is to have working and compliant smoke alarms in those properties we call home.

The loss experienced through property damage can be emotionally distressing and financially devastating for all involved. At My Rental Home Now, we are so concerned about the safety of our tenants and their personal property, we employ the services of experts to ensure the smoke alarms in our tenanted properties are compliant and 100% in working order.

This means as a tenant, all you need to do is let us know if your smoke alarm is faulty.

Perhaps it’s beeping or the warning sound is going off when it shouldn’t be.  If this is the case, all you need to do is contact us on 3480 4200 and we will organise for a qualified professional to come out as soon as possible to see what the issue is.

Although the noise may be irritating, please DO NOT try to disconnect the smoke alarm or battery.  Doing so may tamper with the alarm and in fact you may be charged for any costs required to fix or in the worst instance, you may be liable if the property is damaged during the instance of fire if the smoke alarms do not activate.

As a tenant, at no time should you:

  • Remove or relocate the smoke alarms;
  • Paint or cover over a smoke alarm;
  • Attempt to fix a smoke alarm emitting intermittent or incorrect warning sounds;
  • Perform routine maintenance, including vacuuming or dusting the smoke alarms; or
  • Replace the back-up battery in hard wired smoke alarms.

On behalf of your landlord, My Rental Home Now will organise all required maintenance of smoke alarms on an annual basis or as per the legislative requirements throughout the tenancy.  You will receive notification of this occurring at least two days prior from our preferred contractor about access to the property.  

If further clarification is required as to your tenant responsibilities in this instance, please contact our Property Management Team on 3480 4200.