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The Issue of Mould

At My Rental Home Now, we work closely with our tenants and landlords to ensure the properties we manage are kept in a reasonable state of repair and meet all building, health and safety requirements. 

With cooler weather fast approaching, you should keep an eye out for any rising damp or mould that may appear around your property.

Mould is a fungal growth which can have a detrimental effect on the health of your family.  It may trigger issues such as asthma and dry mould spores have been known to cause sinus problems, rashes and watery, itchy red eyes.

As well as causing physical effects, mould can also result in an unpleasant odour and damage to the structure or materials of the property which may become expensive to fix.

Factors contributing to mould growth. 

  • Rising damp;
  • Water leaking into your property through the roof or walls;
  • Poor ventilation whilst showering or cooking;
  • Clothes dryers being used without proper ventilation;
  • Internal plumbing leaks;
  • Large liquid spills, such as on carpeted areas, not correctly dried; and
  • Stored water-absorbent materials, such as books becoming damp.

Some of the causes of mould growth can be maintained through routine cleaning, others will require expert plumbing or maintenance services.

Tips on reducing mould.

  • Try to keep the inside temperature of the property consistent as much as possible;
  • Ensure tumble dryers are properly ventilated;
  • Use extraction fans where available. If one is not installed, ensure the window in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are opened to allow hot air to escape;
  • Wipe down walls and surfaces where practicable to decrease moisture; and
  • Routine cleaning will help deter mould growth.

Please contact My Rental Home Now immediately if you think you have internal or external water leaks or your current exhaust fans are not in working order.

If mould growth is occurring at your property and is the result of leaking pipes, tiles or a structural issue, we will organise – in consultation with your landlord – to have the problem rectified at no cost to yourselves.

If damp and mould are deemed to be the result of inadequate ventilation and/or cleaning of a property and a professional mould remover is needed to rectify, then you will be required to pay for this clean or it will be deducted from your bond if it is discovered upon an exit inspection.

Put simply.  It is a joint effort between yourself and your landlord to keep mould at bay.  To make sure a small issue does not end up being an expensive one, please keep in touch with us and advise of any concerns you may have.

If further clarification is required as to your  responsibilities as a tenant, please contact our Property Management Team on 3480 4200.